Behind the Scenes-Evil Queen Inspired Stylized Photo Shoot from K.M. Robinson Photography | Honesdale PA Scranton PA Senior and Glamour Photography

I love behind-the-scenes videos! It gives you a good idea of what you can expect from a product or an event. It often shows you things you didn’t even know were a part of the experience.

Which is why over the last few weeks I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes videos for KMRP. Granted, I have tons of behind the scenes videos I use to show my potential clients when they come meet me for the first time, but with these are different.
This will probably always be one of my favorites. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at a stylized session with KMRP. It starts off with fabulous hair, make up, and wardrobe. Then it shows all the fabulous scenery. Finally, it bursts to life with footage of the girls all dressed up and glammed out for their photo shoot. Long dresses blowing in the wind. Fabulous eyes peering out from behind thick dark lashes. Lace tattoos to add intrigue. Incredible hair pieces and dresses (from yours truly) It’s the most stunning and glamour session ever!
We had so much fun (you can see the girls cracking up a couple of times) and everything was so high fashion and amazing. Just see for yourself….and then book one for yourself!

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Before and After: Casey Stylized

What girl doesn’t want to be pampered?  I love playing with my hair, but even more than that I love when someone else does my hair because they can always get it to cooperate better than I can. Recently my sister re-designed my entire makeup line because she wanted me to try something new. And how often do people pay for manicures and pedicures (confession: I have only done this twice, once for my sister’s wedding and once for my cousin’s wedding, otherwise I’ve always done it myself)

So why not get a makeover that you get glamourous artwork from? That’s why we love our photo shoot when clients choose to work with one of our hair and makeup artists. These sessions can be glamour images or stylized images.

Here’s a before and after of Casey from a recently stylized session we did inspired by the Evil Queens from fairytales. To see more of these images, check out the magazine.

Want to book or want more info? Email me at

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Before and After: Jackie B

Walk in the door like this….

+hair+makeup+glamourous outfit (often designed by yours truly)+K.M. Robinson Photography=you get AMAZING images from your session that everyone is envious of! Go ahead….make your friends jealous.

Book your session today!!

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Trash the Prom Dress Outtake

…then suddenly, without warning, she threw water in her friends face.

Okay, well there was a little warning. Like me prompting her to.

Let me start from the beginning before you think I’m a terrible person for causing the water war. haha

They arrived with bags full of clothing for the model call. After an afternoon filled with editorial photo shoots the girls were warm and tired. We made our way back to their bags where we selected two final outfits–prom dresses.

Casey had done a Trash the Prom Dress session with me before and knew how fun they were. She was not prepared, however, for the hilarity of a Trash the Prom Dress Friend session.

I talked the girls through what I wanted them to do, my three assistants standing on the shore behind me, hiding under the reflectors to escape the suns rays.

As a babbled on to keep the girls moving I made sure I had their attention and they would react when I said to do something. The girls splashed water at my camera to create some epic images.

I directed Casey, then Desiree, then both together, weaving my way in and out getting the girls to work together and individually. You see, I had a plan in mind. “Splash on three…one, two, three. One, two, three. Good!” Again and again I tweaked each movement. “One, two, three. Good. Now Casey, splash Desiree.” Before Desiree could react Casey burst out in a smile, plunged her hand into the water and threw a handful at her friend. And then the water war started. Back and forth the girls got turns to splash each other individually and at the same time. We got some really awesome images. And some incredibly funny faces. This is one of my favorite outtakes. (I love the way the water looks)

Want a Trash the Prom Dress Water session for yourself or you and your friends/sisters? Well get your dress girl, and get to emailing me! You’re gonna want to book asap because the water is not gonna stay warm for you forever!

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Purple Hair and Posing Perfection

Her sister graciously drove her all the way here at 8am. I saw the car pulling in and went out to greet the first of our arrivals. She walked toward me dressed in black (she remembered from the last time she assisted me) and bright purple hair. Yes, purple hair.

Abbey jumped right in, working the video camera, angling reflectors, watching the model’s hair and outfits to see that everything was in place.

She was joined by her lifetime friend, Rachel, and her new friend, foreign exchange student, Luciel. Together the three girls helped to make photo wonderfulness (yes, I did just say “wonderfulness”) with two stylized shoots.

So when we were all set to wrap, I knew we had to add just a few more frames before we could call it. Thankfully my assistants are as gorgeous as they are helpful and I got some stunning images of each girl. This is just one of Abbey’s drop-dead-gorgeous images. I can not wait to do this girls senior session!!

This girl can model with the best of them. She turned, angled, and engaged with the camera effortlessly. Look at the way she lights up this image. As stunning as the image is, its made even better by the way she engages with the viewer. Way to go, girl. You’ll be paying for your college yourself when you sign on for that modeling career you have coming!

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How to Send in Proper Photos for a Model Call

We’ve been doing a lot of model calls lately (yay!) but when people respond, we’ve been getting some not-so-good photos (boo!)

So here’s your how-to guide to sending in proper photos when applying for one of our model calls:


We ask that photos that are sent in be well light and straight on to the camera without anything blocking it. We can’t work with photos that show shadows, turned away faces or bulky clothes. When we are planning a model call shoot we are focusing on the details of the shoot including hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, etc. We need to know what we are working with in order to plan properly.

When we send out model calls we want to work with all sizes and shapes. We are not expecting you to look like a super model. Please don’t try to pose so that you look differently than you are. We promise we will make you look great in the images, but to do that we need to know what you will look like when you walk in the door.

Side note: now that we are getting so many responses to our model calls I am asking that you contact me at if you want to be considered for upcoming model calls. I am creating a database of everyone interested that includes a head shot and body shot of each person. This way when a model call comes up I will consult that database and contact those people first to be involved.

Each model call has its own perks, so you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

We’re currently looking for models for all ages, shapes and sizes, both male and female. If you want you or your family to model for us, contact us asap!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!!

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Trash the Prom Dress

Who doesn’t LOVE prom? Beautiful gowns, fancy hair, stunning makeup and lots of fun. But prom was three months ago and now your dress is just hanging in your closet. You spent between $100-$500 (sometimes even more) on that dress and now you can’t even wear it again. Or can you?

Turns out, if a dress works, you should work it hard. Grab your gown, snag a friend or two and book a Trash the Prom Dress Session with us. You’re never going to wear it again anyway so you might as well get some high fashion photos out of it before you pack it away for good.

I love Trash the Prom Dress Sessions. We come up with some many creative ways to be artistic. You can walk in the water in it, hang out under a waterfall, cover your dress with mud/dirt, drip paint all over it, climb a tree in it, or lay in the grass.

You get STUNNING images and all of your friends will be jealous of your model inspired photos.

You get to have fancy hair and makeup again and be all glamorous, this time not just for a few photos and some dancing, but this time to be memorialized in photos that everyone will envy forever. And if you bring your friends along it’s twice…three times…four times as much fun with all of you posing and pretending your on Top Model.

Don’t want to get your dress dirty? Don’t worry-that’s what Rock the Frocks are for. Still high energy, high fashion and tons of glamour without the mess.

Loving it? Book it! This month only we’re running our SHINE Senior Event that you can book a Trash the Prom Dress or Rock the Frock session with and get incredible special extras at an incredible price!

Want to see more, be sure to check out the Trash the Prom Dress magazine featuring Casey!!

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